Stan Veit opened the Computer Mart of New York in 1976. This was only the second computer store in the world, and the first store to sell more than one brand of personal computers. Stan got to know all of the people who made the personal computer revolution. He co-authored one of the first instructional books about personal computers Getting Involved With Your Own Computer.

After leaving the retail business, Stan Veit became Computer Editor of Popular Electronics magazine, Technical Editor of Computers & Electronics magazine and was the first Sysop of Ziff Davis' Forum on Compuserve. In 1983 he became founding Editor-In Chief of Computer Shopper magazine and later Editor-In-Chief and Publisher. When Ziff Davis bought Computer Shopper be became Editor-In-Chief Emeritus of Computer Shopper. From 1989 until 1997 Stan wrote the popular column "What Ever Happened To?" in Computer Shopper.

Now Stan devotes himself to the World Wide Web, running a compamy that specializes in creating and maintaining sites for non-profit sports organizations.

He also writes a column for Brevard Technical Journal, a publication in Florida's Space Coast area. Some of his columns written from the point of view of a pioneer in the computer industry, will be featured on this site.



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