Ray Remembers When

Contained below are more than 14,000 words on a host of topics. They were sent to me via e-mail from 1999 to 2006.

Ray's 2003 Data Domain website
The Story of the Data Domain
The Data Domain - First Location
Origin of the Data Domain Name
Acoustic Couplers
ADDS Founding / Applied Data Digital Systems
ADDS 880 Terminal / Intertech Data Systems
Apple II Computers
Bob Albrecht / Royal McBee
Brookhaven National Lab / Computer Systems Group Photo
Brookhaven National Lab / Pong
Brookhaven National Lab / Willy Higinbotham / Bob Spinrad
Brookhaven National Lab / Willy Higinbotham / Merlin
Brookhaven National Lab / Bob Spinrad
Byte Shop / Paul Terrel
California Computer Systems / IMSAI / Altair
Cassette Storage / Floppy Drives
Cherry Keyboard
Comments on Computer History Books
Computer Generated Art
Computer Magazines
Dave Ahl / DEC
Early Computer Companies and Sales of Their Products
End of the Independent Computer Retailers
Grosche's Law
Itty Bitty Machine Co. / Ted Nelson
Jef Raskin / Xerox PARC / Bob Spinrad / BNL
Jerry Pournell / The Drunken Debate
John Lombardi / John Prather
Kludge Kaper Papers
Merlin at BNL / Les Solomon
Mike Swaine / Fire in the Valley
Minimicromart / Vector Graphics
Ray's Wisdom
Royal McBee / ASI
Royal McBee / LGP-30
S-100 Bus Systems
Stan Veit's Book
Texas Instruments Printers / Altair 8800B

Thom Hogan / CPM Vector Graphics / North Star
Willy Higinbotham
Word Processing